Be creative with your life. Amida will inspire you. Amida Trust is both a dedicated Pureland Sangha and also a wide and creative network of spiritually inclined ordinary people from many orientations. Out of this rich diversity has arisen devotional, inspirational, educational, social, community, campaigning, and cultural projects. To join Amida Trust one becomes a member of Amida-kai or of Amida-shu. Membership of the Kai is open to anybody sympathising with creative spirituality. Membership of the Shu is by invitation.

What is the Amida Trust? and What is the Amida Order?

“I’d like to say a little about the vision that we hold here in the Amida sangha. When one looks around the Buddhist world one sees a number of organisations that have carved out a particular niche. Some run retreats of a particular kind. Some have created a particular kind of centre and aim to have as many of them around the world as possible. Some offer a particular service and want to replicate that service to as many examples of the client group as they can identify. In other words, there are many examples of groups that have found a workable formula that then look for people to apply the formula to. In worldly terms this can be a successful approach. Does it, however, have anything to do with spiritual awakening?

“The Amida sangha is not like that. We do not aim to replicate a formulaic procedure. We do not even aspire to evolve one. Our understanding of awakening is a bit different. The awake person knows that they do not know what comes next. The person who thinks they know is dreaming.

“We hope, rather, to be always specific, always distinctive, always unique to the particular set of conditions that we encounter. This is because the only dogmas in this approach are the bombu, the Tathagata and the nembutsu – nothing else….”

~Dharmavidya David Brazier

Amida Trust is a registered charity in the UK: 1060589